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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Maple Syrup Challenge | Meeting Outline

Bonjour, Hi!
Last week in Brownies we did a special Quebec focused challenge: The Maple Syrup Challenge. The challenge is focused on learning how maple syrup comes from, the process and everything maple.

Friday, January 19, 2018

World Centres Meeting Outline

Many of you do not know that I am a leader in a Girl Guide unit. One of the meetings I am planning is to incorporate the world centres into a meeting. Unfortunately, I could not find something for the 5th world center so I tried to incorporate it with Sangam.

World Centres Meeting

Introduce the girls to the WAGGS world centres.

Cut the pieces, hand it out to the girls, they have to find their groups. Because of the number of girls and the groups I chose to only do 5 of the questions. It is much simpler and the girls will memorize the fact about the centre.

Our CabaƱa

Game- Jumping Beans
This is a fun easy game that requires only music. The girls are standing, but when the music is playing the start jumping (hence jumping beans). When the music suddenly stops, so should the girls. Those that move are out. Those girls then help supervise and try to find out which girls are also moving. The goal of the game is to be the last girl standing.

Our Chalet

Craft- Scherenschnitte
The goal of this craft is to cut the paper snowflakes and paste unto colouring paper. I choose the snowflake since it was easier and its winter. If you search for scherenschnitte you will find the paper cutting is intricate and hard.
This one is much easier (and the girls will love them) Frozen snowflakes. If doing this one I recommend that 2 sheets of the pattern be printed then cutout, then handed to the girls. They’ll trace it then cut it. The Frozen one also comes with the how-to instructions.

Pax Lodge

Game- British Bulldog.
It is a basic (nonviolent, because originally it's violent) game of tag that will let them run off their energy.


Craft- Elephant and world centres colouring pages.
While the girls are doing this, I and the other leaders will be talking about the centre in India and the traveling centre in Africa.
World Centres colouring page. It took me forever to find this page specifically, but I finally found it (yay!).


In the end, I will bring all the girls together and ask them what they learned and what they enjoyed most about a 'world centre'.
Hopefully, this will help you, guiders. Leave any suggestions down below. 
See you next time.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Life Lesson Learned

The big life lesson I learned in 2017 was: Gratitude.
To be grateful in whichever situation I happen to find myself in. 2017 was full of moments (hours, days, months)where I was in unusual situations where I would have preferred
not to be in the first place. It was difficult but I knew that it could always be much, much worse.

Gratefulness- the lesson I learned in 2017.

Here are a couple that happened this year:

  • Less than a week before the Grand March (prom in AB) the zipper in my dress broke. Now that I look back and think about those days and I think to myself: wow, how foolish to be worrying about something so insignificant. It seemed like a big deal for I was to walk in front of 1000+ people. In the end, I had to hand sew an invisible zipper, but now I have experience (lol).
  • Days before Canada Day we finished packing and set ourselves on our way to Quebec. It was hard for everyone especially for me. Leave behind everything we knew to go to a strange 'foreign' place. Now I think that it could have been much worse, we could've moved to another country or lost all our things in the move. I am grateful that we had a place to arrive (even though we felt a bit unwelcomed) and we spoke English which meant we could communicate still.
  • In November on my way to Brockville, I had an anxiety attack and could not breathe, the paramedics were called and I was let go (thankfully no hospital visit). Now that contemplate this past event I am grateful that I did not pass out from my lack of oxygen. Grateful that the paramedics were so kind and nonjudgemental about my situation.
Seeds of Faith Designs- Etsy
Not mine

Overall this year I learned to be grateful for it could always be much more severe. Being grateful takes away the worries and helplessness that come in certain situations. Gratitude helps you learn to be content in whatever situation might arise from hardship.

What were you grateful for this year? Was there a lesson you learned from in 2017? What do you hope to learn in 2018? 
See you next time.

“Oh give thanks to the Lord, for he is good,
for his steadfast love endures forever!” Psalm 107:1