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Hello! Thanks for stopping by.

I am Loren, I am a 90s born gal originally from Saskatchewan but made the 'big move' to Quebec in mid-2017 from Alberta. Yep, quite a lot of places but I woul not have it any other way. If you don't know those are three of the 10 provinces in Canada.

Even though I've been here 2+ years, I am still getting used to ♫ a whole new world🎵. 

This girl↓ has moved... a lot!

Why this blog?

Sewing and baking among other things is what has kept me sane, plus I love it so very much. Blogging is also one of the things that are keeping me grounded here in this French-only land. This blog is also about sharing my experiences and life in general.

On this blog, I share reviews of products I love that would be beneficial for you! I share my favorite recipes, give advice and do tutorials/DIYs and so much more. If you love to sew then you've come to (hopefully) the right place.

Plaid and Sugar was originally a sewing blog but over time it became a lifestyle one. The title of the blog is a take from two things I love: sugar (sweets and baking) and plaid (tartan and sewing).

If you love to bake, sew or craft then you've come to (hopefully) the right place.

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Pinterest @thecamiway
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Twitter @thecamiway
*On my social media I use my middle name alongside my first name since it's a more common (easier to remember) name, and there is a long story on the name "the Cami way". If you wish to contact me don't hesitate to use Camila instead of Loren, I'll answer to either. Plus, why have a middle name if no one is going to call you by it? Might as well put it to use!

And by email of course:

Loren C. Gomez

Both my disclosure and Privacy policies are on this page 

I aspire that you'll enjoy browsing through my favourite recipes, stories, and tips/insights as you get to know me through my blog. I hope you'll stay and brace for the ride for I think it will be bumpy.

Happy browsing!

St. Lawrence River, between the U.S and Canada

Old Quebec City, more than 350 years old.

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