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Hello! Thanks for stopping by.
I am Loren, I am a 90s Colombian born gal originally from Saskatchewan but made the 'big move' to Quebec in mid-2017 from Alberta. So I am still getting used to ♫ a whole new world🎵. 
This girl↓ has moved... a lot!

Why this blog?

Sewing among other things is what has kept me sane, plus I love it so very much. Blogging is also one of the things that are keeping me grounded here in this french-only land. This blog is also about sharing my experiences and life in general.

The title of the blog is a take from two things I love: sugar (sweets and baking) and plaid (tartan and sewing).
If you love to sew then you've come to (hopefully) the right place. I like to share what I sew and at the same time learn from my followers because I am still learning.
But if you don't I also write about life, do products/skincare reviews and do some baking, too.

Contact me:

Social Media:

Pinterest @thecamiway
Instagram @thecamiway
Twitter @thecamiway
*On my social media I use my middle name alongside my first name since it's a more common (easier to remember) name, and there is a long story on the name "the Cami way". If you wish to contact me don't hesitate to use Camila instead of Loren, I'll answer to either.

And by email of course:

Loren Gomez

Both my disclosure and Privacy policies are on this page 

I aspire that you'll enjoy browsing through my favourite recipes, stories, and tips/insights as you get to know me through my blog. I hope you'll stay and brace for the ride for I think it will be bumpy.
Happy browsing!

St. Lawrence River, between the U.S and Canada

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